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2Blow moulding

Stretch Blow Moulding Processes

We are established experts in blow moulding with a number of innovative solutions.

Our engineers have years of experience in developing PET blow moulding technologies and

PET stretch blow moulding panel less Hot Fill System – HFS System

Aisapack has developed and patented a revolutionary system to solve the age old problem of how to eliminate the panels on a classic PET hot fill bottles.

These panels are widely used to compensate for the change in temperature after hot filling a high acid beverage. At the same time the HFS system minimizes significantly the weight of the PET bottles.

This results in a positive impact on the environment with less plastic used and a lower carbon footprint. How do we accomplish this?

Our process engineers have developed a proprietary and patented process whereby we retract the hot fill bottles after filling.

A retraction prototype machine has been validated. As Aisapack is not in the business of manufacturing PET packaging we would like to sell this retraction prototype machine along with the accompanying intellectual property portfolio.

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Stretch Pull Blow Moulding Innovation

This process was developed and patented by Aisapack to enable companies to produce PET or PP « stretch » blown plastic objects with an unprecedented degree of design freedom.

One particularity is the ability to produce highly oriented plastic objects with either one or two openings. The stretch pull moulding process doesn’t require stretch rods. As a result extremely thin, think squeezable, parts can be produced. Length and diameter ratios in some cases can reach well over five.

Contrary to a standard blow moulding process the preform for stretch pull blow moulded objects can be open on two ends. As we are not in the business of manufacturing blown plastic objects the know-how and intellectual property are for sale. If you have a project which would benefit from this innovation please Contact us here

Hot Fill System bottle

Pakido: 1st version with

honey made by this process

  • Pulling nut protects orifice
    and thread during heating process. Preform is ready to be blown.
  • Closing of two half moulds
  • Positioning of blowing nozzle.
    No stretch rods, no mechanical parts inside perform.
    Bi-orientation can start.
  • The very resistant pulling system enables longer and thinner striction.
  • Beginning of pre-blowing
  • End of pre-blowing
  • Beginning of unhinderedhigh pressure blow:
    - pressing shapes and embossments
    - cooling Pakido™ outside skin
  • Exhausting of high pressure air:
    - very short exhausting time
    - improved cooling of Pakido™ inside skin
  • Retracting of blowing nozzle
  • Opening moulds.End of the pull blow moulding process.
    Preform blow ring is ready to be cut, creating large filling orifice.