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3Compression moulding

What is Bacomex™ and How Does It Work?

Bacomex™ is a one step multi-layer compression moulding process from granulate to finished parts. Our process requires only one dosing head for multiple cavities. We extrude a molten multi-layer dose into the rotary cavity system. This differs significantly from the classic co-injection process which requires dosing nozzles for each cavity.

Mono vs Multi-layer Bacomex™ moulds

What makes our system unique? The Bacomex™ system extrudes the multi-layer high barrier plastic dose all in one step. Our system design enables the same mould to be used in either a multi-layer or mono-layer machine. Mold costs are the same whether mono or multi-layer. This significant multi-layer mould cost savings vs traditional co-injection process makes our technology better adapted for frequent mould change overs. This differs significantly to the co-injection process where the multi-layer structures are created by complex hot runner systems. Bacomex™ additionally offers 100% barrier layer inspection through our integrated camera system.

Potential High Barrier Target Markets?

Our core target and objective is to replace glass and metal packaging by multi-layer high barrier thin wall plastic packaging. Three trends which will accelerate the conversion to high barrier plastic include: improved consumer convenience, out of the home consumption and the revitalizing brands of fast moving consumer goods.

Aisapack is well positioned to take advantage of these key market trends with the introduction of Bacomex™ high barrier plastic moulding technology equipped SFM 100 compression moulding machine. Such products as single serve coffee capsules, tin can replacements for seafood, canned wet pet food, ready to go fruit in a cup, and convenient baby food are progressively being packaged in high barrier thin wall plastic packaging.

As an additional market opportunity, glass will increasingly be challenged in hospital environments due to safety concerns driving pharmaceutical and medical device applications to greater high barrier plastic usage. Producing high barrier technical part applications, which may or may not require hollow parts is another identified niche and is a unique process capability of Aisapack’s Bacomex™ compression moulding system.

Increase The Shelf Life Of Your Package…


1) O2 Barrier improvement factor 38 mm cap: +400%

2) Shelf life for a sensitive white wine in a plastic bottle: +1 year

3) Ketchup in a tube: +1 year


SFM100 Bacomex™ Introduction

The SFM100 Bacomex™ multi-layer compression moulding machine has been developed by Aisa and will be used by Aisapack to develop new applications. Our current capabilities include 100 parts per minute with 4 cavities and diameters ranging from 19 – 50 mm.


Bacomex™ High Barrier Multilayer Technology by Aisapack SA


Potential High Barrier Thin Wall Bacomex™ Applications