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1Plastic welding technologies

Flexible Packaging Induction Welding Technologies

Induction welding and optimized cooling has always been amongst our core technical competencies. Our process engineers have mastered welding in either continuous or intermittent modes at high speeds.

As a mature technology, induction welding offers some important benefits, such as nearly instant on and off heating and cooling. This enables precise local heating while keeping surrounding areas unaffected. Materials must be conductive, such as thin aluminium laminate layers. Sterlile products also benefit from the contactless heating properties of induction welding.

From a production standpoint we have achieved high production speeds of up to 100 meters per minute while in continuous welding mode configeration. During intermittent mode welding we can reach 0.5 seconds for the total process with 150 milliseconds of inductive heating time and 200 milliseconds of cooling time with an average laminate thickness of 250 microns.


Continuous induction welding for flexible packaging

Continuous Extrusion Welding Technology Innovation

Aisapack process engineers have developed a revolutionary continuous extrusion welding technology for flexible packaging. This assembly process works by continuously extruding a strip of molten plastic at 270 °C onto the two edges of the formed film.

This sterile welding process is perfect for sensitive products and offers an alternative to ultrasonic, hot air, induction or heat welding technologies. Contrary to most other welding technologies extrusion welding does not need to overlap the two extremeties for welding.

The wide process window and simplicity in which this welding technology operates is a real plus resulting in high productivity and quality. High productivity and quality can therefore be readily achieved. Improved printing surface is enjoyed as only one surface of the flexible packaging material is heated while the other side remains untouched.


Extrusion welding innovation

Continuous Heat Sealing for Efficient Flexible Packaging Welding

For all plastic welding technolgies heat sealing or sometimes called heat welding is a well established technology used throughout the packaging world. However most flexible packaging machines are usintg this welding technology in an intermittent mode.

Our process engineers have developed an innovative high speed continuous heat sealing system capable of speeds up to 100 meters per minute. The indirect heat transfer allows us to create a continuous welded flexible package at high speeds.

The other advantage in comparison with the often used intermittent heating pad is the highly reactive on and off system created by the induction powered indirect heat transfer belts. Contrary to intermittent direct heat welding the heat transfer belts can remain permanently in welding position without damaging the flexible laminates.


Continuous heat sealing flexible packaging welding

Intermittent Hot Air Welding Of Flexible Packaging

Intermittent hot air welding is traditionally used for assembling and welding 100% plastic structures without aluminium. This process works by heating up the two surfaces which will be welded together.
Optimization of the heating and cooling down time has been a key area of focus for our process engineers. We have accomplished high production capacity in intermittent hot air welding mode configeration. Welding duration of 0.5 seconds for the total process with 292 milliseconds of hot air heating time and 292 milliseconds of cooling time with an average laminate thickness of 300 microns has been achieved.


Intermittent hot air welding flexible packaging