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Developed by Aisapack; Bacomex™, a multi-layer compression moulded barrier process has many potential applications. Our long term vision for this high barrier technology is to replace glass and metal packaging with multi-layer high barrier thin wall plastic packaging in the food and OTC pharmaceutical sectors.
Value added and modern consumer products, which require enhanced barrier protection will benefit from this breakthrough technology. There may also be specific technical part requirements including hollow moulded parts where a multi-layer structure is desired.
Have a product which needs barrier? Ask us how Bacomex™ cost effective barrier process can help safe guard your products quality today.

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Aisacan™ is an innovative panel-less hot fill, re-closable and aesthetically pleasing beverage container. It is constructed of a special patented high-barrier « hot fill laminate » body affixed to a moulded neck, cap and base. Aisacan™ is ideal for all types of on-the-go beverages. Visually appealing, flexible, shatterproof and conveniently re-closable, Aisacan™ has an ergonomic feel that can really differentiate your product.

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High-end, à la mode, elegant, simplistic, consumer friendly, lightweight, sexy and fun! The Inspiration™ packaging system is ideally situated for premium single serve wine and spirits.
This hybrid package consists of a highly decorated aluminum or all plastic laminated film plus rigid moulded neck and bottom, upscale metal or plastic cap, and tamper evident shrink sleeve. This eco-friendly low carbon footprint alternative wine package is shatterproof. The Inspiration™ is perfectly adapted for on-trade venues where glass is not allowed such as:
Sporting, festivals & leisure events
Out-side terraces of pubs and clubs

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Barrier characterization

Characterizing and quantifying permeation and migration in packaging

Product and Package interaction are essential elements in the development process of all types of products packaged today. At Aisapack we have developed in house tools and methodologies to measure and characterize the critical permeation of various aromatic compounds from the product through the package structure. This mass transfer phenomenon many times causes product degradation resulting in flavor and vitamin loss.


As a secondary offering Aisapack can also quantify flavor scalping, or absorption of organic compounds from the product into the package wall.

R&D machine concept development

Aisapack SA is in the position to offer a comprehensive industrial machine concept from A to Z. We welcome mandates or partnerships involving innovative projects which fit our know-how and commercial interests. Potential projects will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Our services include the development of the industrial production process and related machine concept from pilot phase to industrial scale.